Holistic Dental Care in the Philippines

Our dedicated team of natural and biological dentists prioritizes both your dental well-being and your overall health.

What you need to know about dentistry:

Complete Dental Care: Prioritizing Your Overall Health​

At Total Body Dentistry, we’re not just about teeth. Our comprehensive approach considers your full health, acknowledging the deep connection between oral health and general well-being. We focus on root causes, not just symptoms, ensuring lasting health benefits.

Expertise in Action: Total Body Dentistry

Our team stands out, leading with dedication and a personalized touch. We’re invested in your journey to health, providing guidance backed by vast expertise in health-centric dentistry. Discover the difference of working with the best in the field.

Beyond Quick Fixes: Deep-rooted Dental Solutions

We don’t believe in shortcuts. Our team seeks to identify and tackle the core issues behind dental problems, ensuring transformative results that align with your health objectives. Say goodbye to fleeting remedies and embrace sustainable dental solutions

Nature-aligned, Metal-free Dentistry

Embrace biomimetic dentistry, an approach that champions the preservation of your natural tooth structure. Our adept dentists provide top-tier care using robust, metal-free materials. Achieve a radiant smile that not only looks natural but feels right too.
metal-free dental care

Concerned about metal fillings? Discover our safe removal process.

Total Body Dentistry is affiliated with the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology and adheres to the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART).

Hear from our patients

Join us on this journey and let our patients’ testimonials inspire and reassure you as you make informed decisions about your dental care. Discover why our patients choose Total Body Dentistry for their oral health needs and experience the Total Body Dentistry difference for yourself.​

“I’ve always been apprehensive about dental visits, but Total Body Dentistry made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. Their patient-centered approach and emphasis on education helped me take control of my oral health. I am grateful for their compassionate care and the positive impact it has had on my life.”

John R.

“Choosing Total Body Dentistry was the best decision I made for my dental needs. Their commitment to biological dentistry and the use of biocompatible materials gave me peace of mind. I appreciate their dedication to providing safe and effective treatments that align with my holistic lifestyle.”

Emily L.

Total Body Dentistry  completely changed my perspective on dental care. Their holistic approach helped me understand the importance of oral health in relation to my overall well-being. The team’s expertise and personalized care made me feel confident and supported throughout my treatment journey.”

Sarah M.

The finest dental experience I’ve ever encountered! The team ensured a patient-paced approach, eliminating any feelings of being rushed. The entire team radiated warmth and it was evident that they deeply cared about my well-being. Dr. Lillian isn’t just an exceptional dentist but also an inspiring individual. I greatly value the insights she imparts. She provided the most thorough cleaning I’ve ever received and is truly delightful to converse with. Thank you for turning my visit into such a memorable one with your wonderful personalities. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Kris G.

My experience with Total Body Dentistry was outstanding. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort – from providing a cozy blanket to offering a warm, moist washcloth for cleaning up post-procedure. I underwent the dental procedure without feeling any pain, even during the injection. I’m truly grateful for Dr. Ebuen, and the staff’s evident commitment and passion. Their primary aim is to promote dental health that benefits the entire body. They stand by the principle that our overall health starts in the mouth, educating and guiding their patients towards this holistic perspective.

Marife S.

The team at Total Body Dentistry, including their exceptional staff, transforms dental visits into enjoyable experiences! The ambiance is filled with cheerful laughter, comforting warm blankets for those chilly moments, thorough cleanings, and undivided attention to patients. The doctors provide comprehensive insights about oral health and its connection to overall well-being. Thanks to Dr. Lillian and her team, our family has witnessed the pinnacle of dental care. Kudos to TBD!

Dina V.


77 Col. Bonny Serrano Ave, Bagong Lupinan ng Crame, Quezon City

9am – 6 pm, Daily

Except Sundays

Welcome to Total Body Dentistry!

I’m Dr. Lillian Lasaten Ebuen, a dedicated dentist, family woman, and advocate for holistic dental care. With a rich background in dentistry, I have served as the past president of the Quezon City Dental Chapter and the Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, showcasing my commitment to professional excellence.

I take great pride in my role as the founder of the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Philippines, as well as Biomimetic Dentistry Philippines. These organizations reflect my passion for advancing the field of dentistry and promoting safer, more natural approaches to oral health.

One of my significant achievements is spearheading the transition towards mercury-free dentistry in the Philippines. I have worked tirelessly to influence the Philippine government’s policies, regularly attending the United Nations Mercury Treaty meetings on behalf of the dental community. I firmly believe in the importance of protecting patients’ health and advocating for their right to make informed decisions about their dental treatment.

As your dentist, I am dedicated to empowering patients with comprehensive information and education. I strongly advocate for patient’s rights to be fully informed about their treatment options. Your well-being and satisfaction are my top priorities, and I am committed to providing personalized care that aligns with your unique needs and preferences.

Join me on this journey towards holistic dental care, where we prioritize your overall health and well-being. Together, let’s create a healthier, more beautiful smile that you can confidently share with the world.

Dr. Lillian Lasaten Ebuen is here to guide you toward optimal oral health and empower you with the right to choose the best dental treatment for your well-being.

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